BTP Fonts in use 26 nov 2013

BTP poster

The BTP typeface is used in this poster for “Square Utopia”, an installation by artist Eden Morfaux in public space in the city of Gentilly (France). The poster has been designed by Building Paris and has been selected at Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont of 2013.

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BTP Work process 18 nov 2013

Lettres type

Lettres Type was first an exhibition held in 2011 bringing together 37 typefaces designed in response to specific commissions. It features two typefaces of A is for apple: BTP, designed by Guillaume Grall and Jeremy Perrodeau, and Gardens, designed by Émilie Rigaud. This tyepface is a commissioned work for the crazy gardens of Singapore’s Bay, you can learn more about its creation in that article.

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