David Fonts in use 28 aug 2017

David in use #2

The new version of Culture Papiers, the three-monthly magazine from France Culture, French national radio, has been designed by Building Paris, using the David font family from this wonderful type foundry itself together with Lyon from Commercial Type.
Building Paris is an art direction and graphic design studio run by Benoît Santiard & Guillaume Grall. Their work is quite direct, they are always eager for new typographic stuff and have a certain passion for architecture.

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David Fonts in use 23 aug 2017

David in use #1

During their artistic residency at Mains d’Œuvres, the Kiösk studio used the David typeface family for the visual identity of this place.
Kiösk (Elsa Aupetit & Martin Plagnol) is a Paris based graphic design studio. They design a wide variety of projects including identities, websites, posters, books and signage. They work both for public and private clients. They took care of the most recent issue of Graphisme en France, made around a clever fold that isolates the texte from the images. They were in artistic residency in 2016 for Mains d’Œuvres, a place “for artistic and civil imagination”.

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David Specimen 22 feb 2016

David fighting giants

The David specimen is set in 3 different formats. A fight between the small and the big (guess who wins…) It will show you the 6 weights of the David family and their italics. Texts are in french and english.

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David 04 jul 2014

Release of the David family

David is a sans-serif typeface, looking sturdy and stable but keeping a slingerly spirit, that fits with its foundry companions. It does not fear the difficulties and has therefore equipped itself with a proper italic.
In front of the diversity of typographic offer, David stands alone, as the homonymous statue sculpted by Michelangelo in a block of marble rejected by other people because of its flaws. This statue had been placed in front of the palazzo Vecchio to symbolize the determination of the young Florentine republic facing surrounding tyrants.
Supported by an extended family of 6 weights, standing firm, of a generous width, the David typeface stands up to merciless giants and philistines of all kinds.

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