Workshop at the Esad II

New edition of the workshop I gave at École Supérieure d’Art et de Design of Reims (France). The workshop lasted 4 days, on a basis of 1 day per week. After a talk about the history of early printers leading to a comprehension of the classification of typefaces, the students (in their second year of graphic studies) picked constraints of design at random. They drew letters by hand first and then they digitized them and designed a font by making the shapes behave together. At the end of the workshop, they had to produce a small publication explaining the process of creation.



workshop_esad_03 workshop_esad_04



workshop_esad_07 workshop_esad_08 workshop_esad_09 workshop_esad_10

workshop_esad_11 workshop_esad_12 workshop_esad_13

workshop_esad_14 workshop_esad_15 workshop_esad_16





Written by Émilie Rigaud, 15 jan 2014 in Teaching

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