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"We often have the most to fear
From those we most despise;
Again, great risks a man may clear,
Who by the smallest dies."
Jean de La Fontaine, The Lion and the Gnat

Enter a world of play around scales with David specimen, set in 3 different formats. A fight between the small and the big (guess who wins...)

In the typographic landscape, David stands alone; as the eponymous statue sculpted by Michelangelo, which was rejected by the public because of its flaws. This statue had been placed in front of the palazzo Vecchio to symbolize the determination of the young Florentine Republic, defiantly confronting surrounding tyrants.
Supported by an extended family of 6 weights, standing firm, of a generous width, the David typeface stands up to merciless giants and philistines of all kinds.

Cover format : 20,4 x 28,9 cm Inside format : 16 x 23 cm Printing Technique : offset + 1 pantone
Format : 20,4 x 28,9 cm
Weight : 150 g
8.00 €
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